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Basketball with love

"Basketball with love" basketball group for men and women – sports for fun


"Basketball with  love" basketball teams for all ages, levels and genders. Make a childhood dream come true or go back to your best hobbie – come and join us!


As we, the coaches, like playing basketball, we try to transform it to the players.

Do sports - for your health!


Basketball with love is the home of anyone who is interested in sports on regular basis through basketball and yet continue to learn and grow. Basketball with love, founded in 2001 and since then we went and grew up, now there are women's groups, men's groups, groups of girl and boys.


Our coaches, are the source of our pride, basketball alumni, who love basketball and want to pass it onwards. We responds to anyone who wants to play basketball and is looking for a home.


Training is built on three emphases: fun basketball, basketball teaching, and playing basketball. The practice consists of stretching and flexibility, as well, at the beginning and end.


Training takes place once a week and an hour and a half long. Begin warming up and stretching, and then learn and practice element that combines basketball and practice and various games. The second half of the training is devoted to the game. At the end of practice there is a session of  releasing the muscles by stretching and flexibility exercises.


League games are held once in 2 months between our different teams.




Other activities

Twice a year there is "training camp" that includes activities related to basketball such as  games between the teams, competitions and involvement in various activities such as yoga, meditation in motion, therapeutic massage and social activity group.


Extra traditional Activities that we have are in chanucka holiday, we celebrate it with a  game against a family / friends and then shared a holiday meal.


Who is the group?

The teams are designed for women or men (separately) who played basketball in the past, and want to return to play as well as for women or men who want to try to play basketball and never tried. Another designation of groups is of girls who come in the name of pleasure, learning and sports.




What happens this season?

This season there are 30 groups of "basketball with love",you can check out the different teams in this website. We gave teams all across Israel .

We are open to suggestions for opening new local groups, you can leave you name and details and we will get back to you.